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The newsroom closed on May 5th, 2023.

This list omits articles that trended from April 19th, 2023 onward because the newsroom stopped updated the trending strip that day.

8,942 unique articles appeared in the trending strip from mid-November 2018 until April 19th, 2023.

#150.3 days in 2020

The Victims Of COVID-19

#214.1 days in 2021

Pride Was A Riot — And LGBTQ Demonstrators Around The World Are Still Fighting For Equality

#313 days in 2022

The 2022 Midterms Are A Referendum On Abortion Rights And LGBTQ Freedoms. Here's How To Have Your Say.

#412.2 days in 2018

20 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About BuzzFeed News

#511.9 days in 2022

This Is What You Should Know Before Taking A Rapid COVID Test

#611.2 days in 2022

The Supreme Court Just Overturned Roe V. Wade. Now What?

#710.9 days in 2022

What To Know Now That Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Has Been Ruled Unconstitutional

#810.8 days in 2023

“Love Is Blind” Season 4 Puts A Charismatic Cast Through The Same Sadistic Process

#99.9 days in 2022

Ukrainians Are Risking Their Lives To Save Animals

#109.9 days in 2022

How The “Don’t Say Gay” Law Is Affecting Florida LGBTQ Students And Teachers

#119.8 days in 2021

US Kids Ages 5 To 11 Can Now Get COVID Vaccines

#129.6 days in 2021

TikTokers Are Now Highlighting Missing People Of Color After The Gabby Petito Case

#139 days in 2023

Submit Your Most Cringeworthy Questions About Your Body Here

#148.9 days in 2021

Mississippi’s Abortion Ban Is Heading To The Supreme Court. The Case Could Overturn Roe V. Wade.

#158.8 days in 2022

Modern Dating Is An Extreme Sport. Here’s Our Cuffing Season Preseason Report.

#168.8 days in 2021

Secret CIA Files Say Staffers Committed Sex Crimes Involving Children

#178.7 days in 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse Testified He "Didn't Do Anything Wrong" When He Fatally Shot Two People

#188.7 days in 2022

Here Are The Games And Gaming Devices That Helped Us Escape Our Hellish Reality This Year

#198.7 days in 2021

If You Find The Omicron News Depressing, Here’s How Therapists Recommend You Cope

#208.2 days in 2021

Falling Through The Cracks of the Chinese American Dream

#218.2 days in 2023

The 41 Most Defining Memes Of 2022

#228.1 days in 2022

These Heartbreaking Photos Show The Damage From One Month Of War In Ukraine

#238 days in 2022

The Popular “Ellen DeGeneres Show” Is Ending, But It Leaves Behind A Complicated Legacy

#247.9 days in 2021

Photographs That Look At The Black American Experience On The Road, Then And Now

#257.9 days in 2022

Some New Health-Related Features That May Convince Me To Wear An Apple Watch

#267.9 days in 2021

The Minister Who Married R. Kelly And Aaliyah Described Their Secret Wedding For The First Time

#277.8 days in 2022

Taylor Swift's "Midnights" Is Her Best Album Since "1989"

#287.8 days in 2022

“I Can’t Even Retire If I Wanted To”: People With Student Loan Debt Get Real About Biden’s Plan Being On Hold

#297.7 days in 2022

A Police Officer Fatally Shot A Black Man In The Head While Kneeling On Top Of Him, Video Shows

#307.7 days in 2022

So You Admitted To Participating In The Insurrection. Now What?

#317.6 days in 2022

I Can’t Wait To Watch The Inevitable Documentary About How We All Wronged Amber Heard

#327.6 days in 2022

TikTok Owner ByteDance Said Employees Improperly Obtained Journalists' User Data

#337.6 days in 2022

Teachers Spoke Out
 At The March For Our Lives Protests About The Fear They Feel In Their Classrooms

#347.5 days in 2021

11 Moments From The Tokyo Olympics That Show What Good Sportsmanship Looks Like

#357.2 days in 2023

Doing A Dry January? 11 Things To Know About Cutting Back On Alcohol

#367.1 days in 2022

How We Stopped Mpox This Year And What’s Next For The Disease Formerly Known As Monkeypox

#377 days in 2023

I Am Prepared To See Every “Knives Out”/"Glass Onion" Movie That Is Ever Made

#387 days in 2021

Things We Tried And Loved In 2021

#397 days in 2022

COVID Has Killed 1 Million Americans — And Left Behind 9 Million Loved Ones

#407 days in 2021

Taxi Drivers, Schoolteachers, Bankers: Meet The Ukrainian Guerrilla Army Preparing To Fight Russia

#416.9 days in 2022

Most Children In Haitian Orphanages Aren’t Orphans — But US Missionaries Take Them Away From Their Families

#426.9 days in 2021

The White Supremacists Behind The Deadly Charlottesville Rally Are Going To Court. Here’s What You Need To Know.

#436.9 days in 2022

The Colorado Springs Shooting Was Always Going To Happen

#446.9 days in 2022

The Private Equity Giant KKR Bought Hundreds Of Homes For People With Disabilities. Some Vulnerable Residents Suffered Abuse And Neglect.

#456.9 days in 2022

Dozens Of Nuclear Workers Got Sick At A Secret Training Exercise In 1991. They’re Still Fighting For Answers.

#466.9 days in 2021

“I'm Just Stuck In A Horror Movie”: Americans Saddled With Student Loan Debt Want Biden To Do More

#476.9 days in 2022

Viral Videos Of Airline Passengers Cheering The End Of Mask Mandates Don’t Show How Some People Were Suddenly Very Nervous

#486.9 days in 2022

The Tulsa Hospital Shooting Suspect Targeted A Doctor Who Performed Back Surgery For Him Two Weeks Ago

#496.9 days in 2021

China Can Lock Up A Million Muslims In Xinjiang At Once

#506.8 days in 2021

In Season 3 Of “You,” Joe Goldberg Is Totally Off His Game

#516.7 days in 2022

These Are Some Of The Victims Of The Halloween Crowd Crush Disaster In Seoul

#526.7 days in 2022

A New Report Lays Out The Failures Of Law Enforcement During The Uvalde School Shooting And Warning Signs About The Shooter

#536.7 days in 2022

Dr. Oz Used To Be A Good Doctor. What Happened To Him?

#546.7 days in 2023

Libs of TikTok Creator Chaya Raichik Called Ron DeSantis “Incredible” For Offering Her Refuge in Florida Governor’s Mansion

#556.7 days in 2023

A Man Is Suing The Police Officers Charged With Killing Tyre Nichols For Allegedly Beating Him Just Three Days Earlier

#566.7 days in 2021

Gabby Petito Died By Strangulation, A Coroner Said

#576.7 days in 2022

The Summer Of Cheating

#586.6 days in 2021

Prosecutors Are Considering Charging Diplo With Sexual Misconduct

#596.6 days in 2022

The Jan. 6 Committee Asked Congress To Consider Banning Donald Trump From Holding Office Ever Again

#606.6 days in 2022

Netflix’s Christmas Movies Are Here. Here Are The Best Of The Worst.

#616.5 days in 2022

Police Walked Away From Questions About Why It Took Them An Hour To Confront The Shooter Who Killed 19 Children At An Uvalde Elementary School

#626.5 days in 2022

Taking Paxlovid? Here’s What To Know About This Antiviral Drug For COVID.

#636.4 days in 2023

Andrew Tate And His Brother Have Been Arrested In Romania In Connection With A Human-Trafficking Investigation

#646.2 days in 2021

Beyond Britney: Abuse, Exploitation, And Death Inside America’s Guardianship Industry

#656.2 days in 2021

Vaccinated Vulnerable People Are Still At Risk for COVID. Here Are Ways To Mitigate That Risk This Holiday Season

#666.2 days in 2021

Most Of Texas's Congressional Republicans Are Silent On Their State's New Abortion Law

#676.2 days in 2022

“It’s Like A Leech On Me”: Child Abuse Registries Punish Unsuspecting Parents Of Color

#686.2 days in 2021

Here's Everything You Need To Know If You're Totally Confused About COVID Booster Shots

#696.2 days in 2021

These Photos Show How Overwhelming Northern California's Dixie Fire Is

#706.2 days in 2022

Here’s How To Fight For Abortion Rights In A Post-Roe America

#716.2 days in 2022

Idaho Student Killings: Separating Facts From Theories

#726.1 days in 2021

Watching The Watchmen

#736.1 days in 2021

A Cape Cod COVID Outbreak Shows The Delta Variant May Be Even More Infectious Than We Thought, The CDC Says

#746.1 days in 2023

The Best Nonalcoholic Drinks To Sip In 2023

#756.1 days in 2021

She Thought She Was There To Interview R. Kelly. Instead, She Was Allegedly Imprisoned, Drugged, And Raped.

#766.1 days in 2023

Trump Has Made History As The First President To Be Arraigned

#776.1 days in 2022

The FDA Has Approved A New Drug To Fight ALS And It Was Partly Funded By The Ice Bucket Challenge

#786.1 days in 2022

Two-Card Monte: Why Mastercard And Visa Rarely Shut Down Scammers Who Are Ripping Off Consumers

#796.1 days in 2022

An ICE Detainee Complained Of Pain For Weeks And Lost 17 Pounds. Then He Died.

#806.1 days in 2021

The Rapid Spread Of Omicron Has Cities Scrambling To Cope With Demand For COVID Tests

#816 days in 2022

The Right’s Political Strategy Against LGBTQ People Is Just Repackaging Anger About Masks And Critical Race Theory

#826 days in 2021

At Least 45 People Are Dead After The Remnants Of Hurricane Ida Slammed The East Coast

#836 days in 2023

What Will It Take To Hold A Cop Accountable For Killing Someone In San Francisco?

#846 days in 2022

The Best Hoochie Daddy Shorts To Wear If You’re Ready For The Short Shorts Trend

#856 days in 2022

He Was 5'7". After Surgery, He’ll Be 5'10".

#865.9 days in 2022

Why Did You Open Your Relationship?

#875.9 days in 2022

"Yellowstone" Is America’s Most-Watched TV Show, And For Good Reason

#885.9 days in 2019

President Trump Directed His Attorney Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project

#895.9 days in 2022

Abortion Bans May Be Unconstitutional In These Red States Where Courts Have Said Privacy Is A Right

#905.9 days in 2022

Iranian Soccer Players And Fans Protested At The World Cup In Solidarity With Anti-Government Demonstrations Back Home

#915.9 days in 2023

The Nashville School Shooting Victims Have Been Identified. Here’s What We Know About Them.

#925.9 days in 2022

How Long Do Boosters Last? Here’s The Deal On Whether You Need Another One.

#935.9 days in 2021

This Virtual Classroom Company Made Millions During The Pandemic While Students Languished

#945.9 days in 2022

“I’m Only Shitposting IRL”: The All-Too-Familiar Online Ideology Of The Alleged Buffalo Shooter

#955.9 days in 2021

Here Are The Victims Of The Spa Shootings Near Atlanta

#965.9 days in 2022

Here’s All The Latest On The Drama At Twitter

#975.9 days in 2022

Do You Really Need This New Omicron Booster? Here’s What Experts Say.

#985.9 days in 2023

Republicans In Kentucky Pushed Through A Sweeping Anti-Trans Bill In Spite Of Protests And Emotional Testimony Against It

#995.9 days in 2021

Haitians Who Fled The US Border Are Now Facing Nights Of Raids And Terror In Mexico

#1005.8 days in 2021

“Squid Game” Works Because Capitalism Is A Global Scourge

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