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The 5 longest-trending Buzzfeed News articles every month in 2022

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January 2022

#16.4 days

So You Admitted To Participating In The Insurrection. Now What?

#25.8 days

The Biden Administration Is Purchasing 500 Million More Rapid Tests. Here’s How You Can Get One.

#35.3 days

Over 1 Million People Reported Positive In A Single Day As The US Struggles With The Omicron Wave

#44.7 days

The Government Released These Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Wu-Tang Clan's Legendary “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” Album

#54.7 days

"The Greatest Of The Great Trees Has Fallen": Celebrities And Peers React To Sidney Poitier's Death

February 2022

#16.9 days

Most Children In Haitian Orphanages Aren’t Orphans — But US Missionaries Take Them Away From Their Families

#25.2 days

Current And Former “Dr. Phil” Employees Say The Set Is A Toxic Workplace. The Show Says Everything’s Fine.

#34.5 days

A Judge Has Sharply Limited What Accused Michigan Kidnap Plotters Can Say In Their Defense

#44.2 days

Six Months After The Fall Of Kabul, These Afghan Refugees Are Working To Rebuild Their Lives In The US

#53.9 days

A Grand Jury Recommended Murder Charges Against The Man Who Shot Adil Dghoughi In Texas

March 2022

#17.4 days

These Heartbreaking Photos Show The Damage From One Month Of War In Ukraine

#26.9 days

Dozens Of Nuclear Workers Got Sick At A Secret Training Exercise In 1991. They’re Still Fighting For Answers.

#35.3 days

The Internet’s Response To Ukraine Has Been Peak Cringe

#44.8 days

The YouTubers Behind Ur Mom's House Want To Turn New York City Into The New Hub For Creators

#54.8 days

Meghan Markle’s Biggest Troll Is Her Half-Sister Samantha

April 2022

#19.9 days

Ukrainians Are Risking Their Lives To Save Animals

#27.7 days

A Police Officer Fatally Shot A Black Man In The Head While Kneeling On Top Of Him, Video Shows

#36.9 days

Viral Videos Of Airline Passengers Cheering The End Of Mask Mandates Don’t Show How Some People Were Suddenly Very Nervous

#46 days

The Right’s Political Strategy Against LGBTQ People Is Just Repackaging Anger About Masks And Critical Race Theory

#55.9 days

How Long Do Boosters Last? Here’s The Deal On Whether You Need Another One.

May 2022

#18 days

The Popular “Ellen DeGeneres Show” Is Ending, But It Leaves Behind A Complicated Legacy

#27.6 days

I Can’t Wait To Watch The Inevitable Documentary About How We All Wronged Amber Heard

#37 days

COVID Has Killed 1 Million Americans — And Left Behind 9 Million Loved Ones

#46.5 days

Police Walked Away From Questions About Why It Took Them An Hour To Confront The Shooter Who Killed 19 Children At An Uvalde Elementary School

#56.1 days

Two-Card Monte: Why Mastercard And Visa Rarely Shut Down Scammers Who Are Ripping Off Consumers

June 2022

#17.6 days

Teachers Spoke Out
 At The March For Our Lives Protests About The Fear They Feel In Their Classrooms

#26.9 days

The Tulsa Hospital Shooting Suspect Targeted A Doctor Who Performed Back Surgery For Him Two Weeks Ago

#36.5 days

Taking Paxlovid? Here’s What To Know About This Antiviral Drug For COVID.

#46.3 days

The Supreme Court Just Overturned Roe V. Wade. Now What?

#56.2 days

Here’s How To Fight For Abortion Rights In A Post-Roe America

July 2022

#16.7 days

A New Report Lays Out The Failures Of Law Enforcement During The Uvalde School Shooting And Warning Signs About The Shooter

#25.9 days

Abortion Bans May Be Unconstitutional In These Red States Where Courts Have Said Privacy Is A Right

#35.9 days

An ICE Detainee Complained Of Pain For Weeks And Lost 17 Pounds. Then He Died.

#45.7 days

Here’s What It Took For One Woman To Get An Abortion After Her State Made It Illegal At Six Weeks

#55 days

How A Group Of Dancers Sparked A Unionization Effort At A Los Angeles Strip Club

August 2022

#15.9 days

Why Did You Open Your Relationship?

#25 days

It Makes Sense That “The Rehearsal” Resonates With Autistic Viewers

#35 days

R. Kelly Could Finally Face Justice For The Tape Of Him Allegedly Sexually Abusing And Urinating On A 14-Year-Old Girl

#44.7 days

Here’s What People Are Doing To Treat Painful Monkeypox Lesions

#54 days

These Tweets Show Just How Mad Public Health Experts Are About The CDC’s New COVID Guidelines

September 2022

#15.1 days

Here's How World Leaders Are Reacting To The Death Of Queen Elizabeth II

#24.7 days

Do You Really Need This New Omicron Booster? Here’s What Experts Say.

#34.4 days

Will, Kate, Meghan, Harry, And The Rest Of The Royal Family Gathered For Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral

#44 days

Stingy, Obsessive, Fake: The Worst App Dates You’ve Ever Been On

#54 days

Monkeypox Has Been Linked To Serious Heart Inflammation In A 31-Year-Old Man

October 2022

#110.8 days

The 2022 Midterms Are A Referendum On Abortion Rights And LGBTQ Freedoms. Here's How To Have Your Say.

#28.8 days

Modern Dating Is An Extreme Sport. Here’s Our Cuffing Season Preseason Report.

#37.1 days

Taylor Swift's "Midnights" Is Her Best Album Since "1989"

#46.7 days

The Summer Of Cheating

#55.8 days

Elon Musk Is Going To Buy Twitter At The Original Price

November 2022

#110.9 days

What To Know Now That Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Has Been Ruled Unconstitutional

#29.9 days

How The “Don’t Say Gay” Law Is Affecting Florida LGBTQ Students And Teachers

#37.1 days

“I Can’t Even Retire If I Wanted To”: People With Student Loan Debt Get Real About Biden’s Plan Being On Hold

#46.9 days

The Colorado Springs Shooting Was Always Going To Happen

#56.6 days

These Are Some Of The Victims Of The Halloween Crowd Crush Disaster In Seoul

December 2022

#18.7 days

Here Are The Games And Gaming Devices That Helped Us Escape Our Hellish Reality This Year

#27.6 days

TikTok Owner ByteDance Said Employees Improperly Obtained Journalists' User Data

#37.1 days

How We Stopped Mpox This Year And What’s Next For The Disease Formerly Known As Monkeypox

#47 days

Some New Health-Related Features That May Convince Me To Wear An Apple Watch

#56.6 days

The Jan. 6 Committee Asked Congress To Consider Banning Donald Trump From Holding Office Ever Again

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