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The 50 longest-trending Buzzfeed News articles in 2018

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Data in 2018 starts in mid-November.

#112.2 days

20 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About BuzzFeed News

#23.7 days

Trump Excluded Democrats From A Lunch Meeting On The Shutdown

#32.9 days

Andrew Gillum’s Done Feeling Sorry For Himself. A Presidential Run Could Come Next.

#42.9 days

Yes, The “Holiday Blues” Are Real, But They Don’t Last Forever

#52.9 days

A Dozen Can’t-Miss Investigations We Published In 2018

#62.8 days

Trump Is Pushing Defense Secretary James Mattis Out Of His Post Two Months Early

#72.8 days

This Is How Federal Workers Are Coping With The Government Shutdown

#82.8 days

The Singer Of An Indonesian Band Paid A Tearful Tribute To Band Members Swept Away By The Tsunami

#92.3 days

This Is What The World Looks Like For Kids Traveling In The Caravan

#102.2 days

The “Sweet Valley High” Twins Were Monsters. I Still Love Them.

#112.2 days

These Heartwarming Photos Show How Survivors Of California’s Wildfires Are Spending Thanksgiving

#122.1 days

In The ’70s, A Bunch Of White People Built A Town In India. Today, It’s A Kind Of Paradise.

#132.1 days

The Police Say That Some Drone Sightings At Gatwick Airport Were Their Own Drones

#142 days

Judge Orders White House To Reinstate Jim Acosta’s Press Pass

#152 days

The US Envoy On ISIS, Brett McGurk, Has Quit In Protest Over Trump's Withdrawal From Syria

#161.9 days

"Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" Is A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Film

#171.8 days

Here's What Angelina Jolie Said When Asked If She'll Run For President

#181.8 days

29 Of The Best TikTok Memes And Trends Of 2018

#191.8 days

These Are 50 Of The Biggest Fake News Hits On Facebook In 2018

#201.7 days

A Federal Judge In Florida Has Ruled Ballots That Arrived Too Late In The Mail Won’t Count

#211.7 days

These Pictures Of California’s Air Quality After The Wildfires Are Horrifying

#221.7 days

'Twas The Night Before Christmas, And The Stock Market Was Bad

#231.7 days

The CIA Has Reportedly Determined That Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Ordered The Murder Of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi

#241.6 days

These Pictures Show French Police Using Tear Gas And Water Cannons On Protesters

#251.6 days

A Father's Version Of A Guatemalan Girl's Trip To The US Raises Questions About The Border Patrol's Account

#261.6 days

Kevin Spacey Released A Bizarre Video After Being Charged With Felony Sexual Assault

#271.6 days

Here’s The Trailer For HBO’s Brexit Movie Starring Benedict Cumberbatch With Really Bad Hair

#281.6 days

A Charlottesville Witness Described The Horrifying Moment A White Supremacist Drove His Car Into A Crowd Of Counterprotesters

#291.6 days

Here’s How The Real Aaron Samuels From “Mean Girls” Ended Up In The “Thank U, Next” Video

#301.4 days

Here’s A Guide To Spotting Fake Amazon Reviews

#311.4 days

Ivanka Trump Used A Private Email Account While Working At The White House

#321.4 days

Another Migrant Girl Nearly Died After She Was Detained In New Mexico By The Border Patrol

#331.4 days

Cindy Hyde-Smith Won Mississippi’s Senate Election, After Race Dominated The Final Weeks

#341.4 days

Chief Of Staff John Kelly Is Leaving The White House, Trump Says

#351.4 days

Are You Ready For Sex Robots? Too Bad, They’re Already Here.

#361.4 days

Cardi B Breastfeeds And Appears Naked In Her Amazing "Money" Music Video

#371.4 days

Inside The North Carolina Republican Vote Machine: Cash, Pills — And Ballots

#381.4 days

This Is The Year That Truly Challenged People's Trust In Amazon

#391.4 days

Friends Of An American Missionary Killed While Illegally Visiting A Remote Tribe Didn't Stop Him Because "That’s What God Is Calling Him To Do"

#401.4 days

The Trump Administration Just Asked The Supreme Court To Let It Enforce Its Transgender Military Ban

#411.3 days

21 Pictures That Prove Libraries Are The Last Magical Places On Earth

#421.3 days

The Trump Organization Planned To Give Vladimir Putin The $50 Million Penthouse In Trump Tower Moscow

#431.3 days

Ryan Zinke Is Quitting As Interior Department Secretary Amid Ethics Scandals

#441.3 days

Trump Won’t Apologize For Past Attacks On George H.W. Bush And His Family

#451.3 days

Paris Has Again Been Rocked By Violent “Yellow Vests” Protests

#461.3 days

Inside The Country Where You Can Buy A Black Man For $400

#471.2 days

How To Keep Salmonella Off Your Thanksgiving Table During An Outbreak Linked To Turkey

#481.2 days

Instagram Influencers Are Using The California Wildfires To Sell Products And Post Nudes

#491.2 days

Brazil Says Deforestation In The Amazon Is At Its Worst Level In A Decade

#501.2 days

“I Don’t Vote” — But He Did. Here’s How Alleged Election Fraud Works In North Carolina.

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