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The 50 longest-trending Buzzfeed News articles in 2019

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#15.9 days

President Trump Directed His Attorney Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project

#25.5 days

Can You Think Outside Your Bubble — And Compete To Win Cash?

#35.4 days

Trump’s Impeachment Is A Foregone Conclusion In The House. What A Senate Trial Looks Like Is Anyone’s Guess.

#44.9 days

This Podcast Will Keep You Up To Speed About Impeachment Without Being Bored Or Confused AF

#54.9 days

Tony Robbins Was Filmed Using Racial Slurs

#64.4 days

Fiona Hill Gave A Relatable Answer About Women's Anger During Her Impeachment Testimony To Congress

#74.1 days

The Live-Action "Sonic" Movie's Release Is Being Delayed So They Can Redesign The Character's Look

#84.1 days

The 2010s Have Broken Our Sense Of Time

#94 days

Nancy Pelosi Is Demanding Information From The Senate Before Sending Over Articles Of Impeachment

#104 days

The 12 Best Moments From The USWNT’s Incredible Decade

#114 days

48 Male Patients Say A USC Doctor Sexually Abused Them — And The University Was Warned

#124 days

Trump Is Gutting Health Care Protections For Transgender People And Those Who Have Had Abortions

#133.9 days

Two People Were Killed After A Stabbing Terror Attack At London Bridge

#143.9 days

The Fort Worth Cop Who Killed Atatiana Jefferson In Her Home Has Been Indicted For Murder

#153.8 days

The Government Shutdown Is Over — For Now — As Trump Gives In On Wall Funding

#163.8 days

More Than 1 Million Puerto Ricans Are Seeing Cuts To Their Food Stamp Benefits

#173.7 days

Kim Kardashian West And Kanye West Have A New Baby Boy

#183.7 days

The White House Announced A National Emergency Using The Notes App

#193.7 days

A Child’s Forehead Partially Removed, Four Deaths, The Wrong Medicine — A Secret Report Exposes Health Care For Jailed Immigrants

#203.7 days

After Recent Shootings, Walmart Is Removing Violent Video Game Displays — But Not Guns

#213.6 days

Donald Trump Has Used A Secretive Justice System To Keep Lawsuits Against Him Out Of Court

#223.6 days

A Huge Pile Of Unsold Food From Amazon Go Was Found In A Seattle Landfill

#233.6 days

I’m Definitely In Debt, But I’d Rather Not Say How Much

#243.6 days

"Anna Delvey" Says She Isn't Sorry For Any Of Her Scams

#253.6 days

The House Intelligence Committee Wants To Question The Trump Organization’s Chief Financial Officer Following Cohen’s Testimony

#263.3 days

A Former Ambassador Had To Respond To Trump's Critical Tweets About Her On Live TV

#273.3 days

Joe Biden Made Multiple Jokes About Consent In His First Speech Since Allegations Of Inappropriate Contact

#283.3 days

The Sanders Campaign, With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Front And Center, Is Speaking To Older Latino Voters

#293.2 days

42 Memes That Defined 2019

#303.2 days

Millions Of Young People Around The World Are Leading Strikes To Call Attention To The Climate Crisis

#313.2 days

Brides And Grooms Who Got Married At A Former Slave Plantation Are Speaking Out About Criticism Of The Venues

#323.2 days

The 100 Memes That Defined The 2010s

#333.1 days

The California High School Shooter Used A Homemade, Untraceable "Ghost Gun," Sheriff Says

#343.1 days

The President Said No Site Was Picked For Trump Moscow — But Documents Show His Fixers Were Scoping A Prime Location

#353.1 days

At Least Two People Are Dead And Thousands Have Fled Their Homes In The Southern California Wildfires

#363.1 days

Serena Williams Said It’s Important To Always Stick Up For Yourself In This Negative World We’re Living In

#373.1 days

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation: WWF Must Fully Investigate “Extremely Concerning” Human Rights Allegations

#383.1 days

Why So Many Of Us Believed Taylor Swift Was Coming Out

#393 days

13 Photos Explain What's Going On In The Amazon And What You Can Do

#403 days

In New Documents, Cohen Says Trump "Instructed" Him To Lie

#413 days

Amazon’s Race To Build A Fast Delivery Network: “The Human Cost Of This Is Too Much”

#423 days

Sudan's Government Is Brutally Killing Protesters During An Internet Shutdown

#433 days

Elizabeth Holmes’ Scam Is Over, But Her Story Will Go On Forever

#443 days

Southern California Is Shaking After Earthquakes, But The "Big One" Is Still Lurking

#453 days

Welcome To “Moscopoli”: Here’s Everything That’s Happened Since BuzzFeed News Revealed The Proposed Secret Deal Between Italy’s Far Right And Russia

#463 days

Saving The Amazon Rainforest With The Almighty Power Of Self-Promotion

#473 days

A Viral Obituary Encouraged These Families To Share Devastatingly Honest Details Of Losing Their Loved Ones To The Opioid Crisis

#483 days

Lori Loughlin Reportedly Won’t Return To Netflix’s “Fuller House” For Its Final Season

#493 days

The EU Thinks That Theresa May’s Request For A Short Delay To Brexit Is “Very Risky”

#503 days

These Maps Show Where Hurricane Dorian Could Hit Hardest

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