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The 50 longest-trending Buzzfeed News articles in 2020

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#150.3 days

The Victims Of COVID-19

#25.8 days

There Is Anger And Resignation In The Developing World As Rich Countries Buy Up All The COVID Vaccines

#34.7 days

These Updating Charts Show The Record Number Of Americans Filing Unemployment Claims

#44.6 days

Trump Has Pardoned Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, And Jared Kushner's Dad

#54.3 days

8 Things You Need To Know About The Dark Side Of The World's Biggest Banks, As Revealed In The FinCEN Files

#64.2 days

Panicking Etsy Sellers Are Afraid Of One-Star Reviews If Postal Delays Ruin Christmas Orders

#73.9 days

“I Don’t Know How People Go On”: How Families Are Getting Through The Holidays After A Loved One Died Of COVID

#83.8 days

Is It Safe To Get Together With Loved Ones This Thanksgiving? We Asked 7 Experts.

#93.8 days

Thinking About Expanding Your Quarantine Circle? Here's What Public Health Experts Say.

#103.7 days

These Pictures Show The Impact Of The Black Panthers On America

#113.7 days

The Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

#123.7 days

This Guy Got Interrupted Making A Ridiculous TikTok, And That Made It Even Better

#133.7 days

Back To School: Teachers Are Ready To Quit Rather Than Put Their Lives At Risk

#143.6 days

Former Employees Say Ellen’s “Be Kind” Talk Show Mantra Masks A Toxic Work Culture

#153.6 days

Congress Has Passed Sweeping Anti–Money Laundering Legislation. Now It’s Up To Trump.

#163.6 days

The Enduring Appeal Of The Selena Myth

#173.3 days

The Trump Administration Is Banning Americans From Downloading TikTok And WeChat

#183.2 days

Tom Steyer Is Ending His Presidential Campaign

#193.2 days

These Countries Have The Highest COVID-19 Case Counts. This Is What The US Has In Common With Them.

#203.2 days

Painters In Kenosha Are Covering Up Black Lives Matter Messages With Murals About “Love” And “Unity”

#213.2 days

DACA Recipients Are Shocked And Relieved After The Supreme Court Ruled Against Trump

#223.2 days

Here’s Where Storm Isaias Hit Hardest

#233.1 days

These Incredible Pictures Show The Wrath Of Hurricane Sally

#243.1 days

Taylor Swift’s New Album: It's Good

#253.1 days

Hurricane Laura’s Winds Are Now Long Gone, But Residents Fear The Toxic Sludge Left Behind

#263.1 days

This Election Is Going To Be Completely Different. Here's What To Expect.

#273 days

Friends And Family Members Of QAnon Believers Are Going Through A “Surreal Goddamn Nightmare”

#283 days

Trump Has Lambasted Puerto Rico For Years. Now With The Election Close, He’s Changing His Tune.

#293 days

The Search For "Glee" Actor Naya Rivera Is Now Focused On Recovering Her Body

#303 days

21 Delightfully Odd Pictures From 4th Of July History

#313 days

The Trump Administration Is Preparing To Treat Asylum-Seekers As Security Threats

#323 days

As Americans Start Their Thanksgiving Travels, COVID-19 Cases In The US Hit A New Record

#333 days

A Kenosha Militia Facebook Event Asking Attendees To Bring Weapons Was Reported 455 Times. Moderators Said It Didn’t Violate Any Rules.

#343 days

The Ohio Police Officer Who Fatally Shot Andre Hill Has Been Fired

#352.9 days

A Parasite In Her Eyes Was Slowly Making Her Blind, But The US Turned This Immigrant Away Multiple Times

#362.9 days

The Fires Burning In California Right Now Are Already Among The Worst In History And The Season Is Just Starting

#372.9 days

Here's What The Grim Reality Of Climate Change Looked Like In 2020

#382.9 days

Here’s What Public Health Experts Think Our Pandemic Summer Will Look Like

#392.9 days

Convalescent Plasma Is Looking Like A Coronavirus Success Story

#402.9 days

I Can’t Believe I Have To Say This, But The Bushfires Were Not Deliberately Lit To Make Way For High-Speed Rail

#412.9 days

The Trump Administration Is Set To Resume Executions In Two Weeks. There’s A Last-Ditch Effort To Stop It.

#422.9 days

5 TV Shows You Should Watch Right Now

#432.9 days

Here's What We Do And Don't Know About Coronavirus Immunity

#442.9 days

She Escaped The Nightmare Of China’s Brutal Internment Camps. Now She Could Be Sent Back.

#452.9 days

The Coronavirus Canceled Ramadan Celebrations Around The World, So This Game Developer Re-Created Them In “Animal Crossing”

#462.9 days

An Ohio Police Officer Fatally Shot An Unarmed Black Man Seconds After Encountering Him

#472.8 days

The Threat Of World War III Has Become A Meme And No One Knows How To Feel About It

#482.8 days

Despite The New Coronavirus Law, Workers At These Big Companies Say They Still Must Work Sick Or Lose Pay

#492.8 days

The CEO Of Kids Clothing Company Hanna Andersson Has Resigned After Diversity Complaints From Staff

#502.8 days

Costco Didn’t Enforce Its Dress Code — Until Employees Started Wearing Black Lives Matter Masks

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