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The 50 longest-trending Buzzfeed News articles in 2021

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#114.1 days

Pride Was A Riot — And LGBTQ Demonstrators Around The World Are Still Fighting For Equality

#29.8 days

US Kids Ages 5 To 11 Can Now Get COVID Vaccines

#39.6 days

TikTokers Are Now Highlighting Missing People Of Color After The Gabby Petito Case

#48.9 days

Mississippi’s Abortion Ban Is Heading To The Supreme Court. The Case Could Overturn Roe V. Wade.

#58.8 days

Secret CIA Files Say Staffers Committed Sex Crimes Involving Children

#68.7 days

Kyle Rittenhouse Testified He "Didn't Do Anything Wrong" When He Fatally Shot Two People

#78.7 days

If You Find The Omicron News Depressing, Here’s How Therapists Recommend You Cope

#88.2 days

Falling Through The Cracks of the Chinese American Dream

#97.9 days

Photographs That Look At The Black American Experience On The Road, Then And Now

#107.9 days

The Minister Who Married R. Kelly And Aaliyah Described Their Secret Wedding For The First Time

#117.9 days

This Is What You Should Know Before Taking A Rapid COVID Test

#127.5 days

11 Moments From The Tokyo Olympics That Show What Good Sportsmanship Looks Like

#137 days

Things We Tried And Loved In 2021

#147 days

Taxi Drivers, Schoolteachers, Bankers: Meet The Ukrainian Guerrilla Army Preparing To Fight Russia

#156.9 days

The White Supremacists Behind The Deadly Charlottesville Rally Are Going To Court. Here’s What You Need To Know.

#166.9 days

“I'm Just Stuck In A Horror Movie”: Americans Saddled With Student Loan Debt Want Biden To Do More

#176.9 days

China Can Lock Up A Million Muslims In Xinjiang At Once

#186.8 days

In Season 3 Of “You,” Joe Goldberg Is Totally Off His Game

#196.7 days

Gabby Petito Died By Strangulation, A Coroner Said

#206.6 days

Prosecutors Are Considering Charging Diplo With Sexual Misconduct

#216.2 days

Beyond Britney: Abuse, Exploitation, And Death Inside America’s Guardianship Industry

#226.2 days

Vaccinated Vulnerable People Are Still At Risk for COVID. Here Are Ways To Mitigate That Risk This Holiday Season

#236.2 days

Most Of Texas's Congressional Republicans Are Silent On Their State's New Abortion Law

#246.2 days

Here's Everything You Need To Know If You're Totally Confused About COVID Booster Shots

#256.2 days

These Photos Show How Overwhelming Northern California's Dixie Fire Is

#266.1 days

Watching The Watchmen

#276.1 days

A Cape Cod COVID Outbreak Shows The Delta Variant May Be Even More Infectious Than We Thought, The CDC Says

#286.1 days

She Thought She Was There To Interview R. Kelly. Instead, She Was Allegedly Imprisoned, Drugged, And Raped.

#296.1 days

The Rapid Spread Of Omicron Has Cities Scrambling To Cope With Demand For COVID Tests

#306 days

At Least 45 People Are Dead After The Remnants Of Hurricane Ida Slammed The East Coast

#315.9 days

This Virtual Classroom Company Made Millions During The Pandemic While Students Languished

#325.9 days

Here Are The Victims Of The Spa Shootings Near Atlanta

#335.9 days

Haitians Who Fled The US Border Are Now Facing Nights Of Raids And Terror In Mexico

#345.8 days

“Squid Game” Works Because Capitalism Is A Global Scourge

#355.8 days

Taylor Swift Somehow Made “Red” Even Better

#365.7 days

When Did You Find Out You Were Pregnant?

#375.7 days

Track The Brutal 2021 Wildfire Season With These Updating Charts And Maps

#385.6 days

A Judge Terminated Britney Spears’ Conservatorship, Giving The Pop Star Control Over Her Life

#395.6 days

The DOJ Is Investigating Americans For War Crimes Allegedly Committed While Fighting With Far-Right Extremists In Ukraine

#405.5 days

Anthony Fauci’s Emails Reveal The Pressure That Fell On One Man

#415.4 days

Some Nations Are Hoarding Vaccine Doses. It's Creating Conditions For New Variants To Emerge.

#425.3 days

Yes, Delta Is Scary, But Europe’s Recent COVID Surges Show That It Can Be Controlled

#435.2 days

“This Is Blackface”: White Actors Are Playing Black Characters In Virtual Reality Diversity Training

#445.1 days

The Co-Founder Of Snopes Wrote Dozens Of Plagiarized Articles For The Fact-Checking Site

#455.1 days

Americans Are Overworked And Over Work

#465.1 days

Vaccinated Americans Will Be Offered COVID-19 Booster Shots As Early As September

#475.1 days

Multiple Tornadoes That Ripped Across Kentucky Overnight May Have Killed More Than 100 People, The Governor Said

#485.1 days

Kim Potter Has Been Convicted Of Manslaughter In Daunte Wright’s Killing

#495.1 days

Florida is America's Delta Variant Nightmare

#505 days

Will Smith Opened Up About How He “Resorted” To Having “Rampant Sexual Intercourse” To Deal With Being Cheated On By His First Girlfriend Which Led To Him Developing A “Psychosomatic Reaction” To Having An Orgasm

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