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The 50 longest-trending Buzzfeed News articles in 2023

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The newsroom closed on May 5th, 2023.

This list omits articles that trended from April 19th, 2023 onward because the newsroom stopped updated the trending strip that day.

#110.8 days

“Love Is Blind” Season 4 Puts A Charismatic Cast Through The Same Sadistic Process

#29 days

Submit Your Most Cringeworthy Questions About Your Body Here

#36.7 days

A Man Is Suing The Police Officers Charged With Killing Tyre Nichols For Allegedly Beating Him Just Three Days Earlier

#46.1 days

Trump Has Made History As The First President To Be Arraigned

#56 days

What Will It Take To Hold A Cop Accountable For Killing Someone In San Francisco?

#65.9 days

The Best Nonalcoholic Drinks To Sip In 2023

#75.9 days

The Nashville School Shooting Victims Have Been Identified. Here’s What We Know About Them.

#85.9 days

Republicans In Kentucky Pushed Through A Sweeping Anti-Trans Bill In Spite Of Protests And Emotional Testimony Against It

#95.8 days

The Untold Story Of Andrew Tate, The Internet’s Most Notorious Influencer

#105.8 days

Prince Harry Lays Out His Grievances Against The Media In “Spare,” And He Gets Specific

#115.7 days

Florida’s School Book Bans Have Teachers “Walking On Eggshells”

#125.7 days

Tennessee Has Banned Drag Performances In Public, And Other States Are Considering Similar Bans

#135.7 days

People Are Posting About Animals Dying After The Ohio Chemical Spill

#145.7 days

They Used To Skate With Tyre Nichols In Middle School. They Gathered Together To Grieve Him.

#155.2 days

There’s An Ozempic Shortage. Here's What Happens When You Stop Taking It.

#165.2 days

The First Episode Of The Last Season Of “Succession” Is *Chef’s Kiss*

#175.1 days

People Think That Taylor Swift Is Confronting Justin Bieber Over His Treatment Of Her Best Friend Selena Gomez In One Of Her Songs And This Is Why

#185.1 days

Andrew Tate And His Brother Have Been Arrested In Romania In Connection With A Human-Trafficking Investigation

#195 days

Narcan, The Lifesaving Drug That Can Reverse An Opioid Overdose, Can Be Bought Over The Counter Soon

#205 days

The Bank Failures Are Confusing. This Quiz Explains What’s Happening For Beginners.

#215 days

“Almond Moms” Can Promote Disordered Eating. Here’s How TikTokers Are Calling Out This Toxic Behavior.

#225 days

Alex Murdaugh Decided To Testify At His Murder Trial — And Immediately Admitted To Lying

#235 days

Vloggers Hank And John Green Want You To Take College Courses On YouTube

#244.9 days

Here’s The Latest In The Selena Gomez And Hailey Bieber Drama, This Time A Stylist Is Involved And It’s All Got Seriously Messy

#254.9 days

“M3GAN” Is An Instant Cult Classic

#264.9 days

Ariana Madix Thanked Her Family, Friends, And Fans For Their Support In Her First Statement Since The Scandoval Broke

#274.9 days

An Idaho Lawmaker Said The State’s Abortion Ban Is “Tearing Families Apart” Because It’s No Longer A Safe Place To Be Pregnant

#284.9 days

This Viral, Fruit-Headed Doll And Its Tiny Penis Is Everyone’s Emotional Support Crutch

#294.9 days

What Happens When You Become Viral Content Without Your Consent

#304.8 days

A Woman Posted Her 19-Day Miscarriage On TikTok Because She Couldn’t Access The Care She Needed Due To Abortion Laws

#314.8 days

The “Zoey 101” Cast Is Coming Back For “Zoey 102” With A Few Key Exceptions

#324.8 days

Netflix's “Beef” Confronts Asian Parent Stereotypes

#334.8 days

A Search Of Bryan Kohberger's Apartment Turned Up Hair And Possible Blood, According To A Warrant

#344.8 days

A Surviving Roommate Of The Idaho Murders Said She Came Face-To-Face With The Suspect The Night Of The Killings

#354.8 days

The Co-Creator Of “You” Explained Why Joe Is Even More “Terrifying” After The Season 4 Finale

#364.8 days

How Michigan State Students Are Using TikTok To Heal After A Tragedy

#374.8 days

Ezra Miller Pleaded Guilty To Avoid Jail Time After Allegedly Stealing Liquor From Their Neighbor's House In Vermont

#384.8 days

Bruce Willis’s Aphasia Has Further Progressed To A Form Of Dementia, His Family Said

#394.7 days

Jeremy Renner Said He Has No Regrets About Risking His Life To Save His Nephew In The Snowplow Accident That Nearly Killed Him

#404.6 days

The Half Moon Bay Shooting Victims Have Been Identified And The Suspected Shooter Has Been Charged With Murder

#414.2 days

Clarence Thomas Reportedly Accepted Free Luxury Trips From A Billionaire GOP Donor, And Democrats Are Calling For An Investigation

#424.1 days

More Unsealed Search Warrants Reveal That Authorities Found A Knife, A Gun, And Criminology Books At Bryan Kohberger's Parents' House When He Was Arrested

#434.1 days

Ed Sheeran Revealed His Wife Found Out She Had A Tumor While Pregnant With Their Second Child

#444.1 days

The Supreme Court Temporarily Paused Upcoming Restrictions To Abortion Medication

#454.1 days

Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton Said She Will Boycott World Surf League Events Because Its New Policies Allow Trans Women To Compete

#464.1 days

A Florida Man Who Asked For The Death Penalty After Murdering Two Gay Men He Lured To His Home Was Sentenced To Death

#474.1 days

As J.K. Rowling Continues To Attack The Trans Community, Daniel Radcliffe Continues To Support Them

#484.1 days

Celebrities Are Reacting To Lisa Marie Presley's Death

#494 days

Beyoncé Just Announced The "Renaissance" World Tour And Fans Are In Shock

#504 days

Abortion Access Could Be Blocked In Much Of The South After Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Signed Into Law A Six-Week Ban

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